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Travel India Through Popular Hindi Movie Songs

Watch the latest and greatest hits from a collection of Bollywood and other Regional Songs for absolutely FREE of charge. If you've watched awesome movies like Kahaani” and Barfi” with their authentic story lines then get ready to catch some top Bollywood songs 2015 from ‘Holiday', ‘Ek Villian', ‘Gundey' etc. Bollywood songs in 2015 will consist of emotion, thrill, color and exciting dance pieces that you can listen to or play at a party. YouTube can appear the Hindiest website in the BollyNet, if used well, of course.

Goli maar bheje mein (Satya, 1998; Singer: Mano; Composer: Vishal Bhardwaj; Lyricist: Gulzar ): While the 90s saw some hit romances (like Aashiqui and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai) and the comic reign of Govinda, it was the violent film that dominated. From the dhishkyaoon!” sound effects to Gulzar's lyrics—which talk of the ‘here today, gone tomorrow' nature of these men's lives—Goli maar bheje mein is an unpretty example of the gritty, realistic violence that took root in Hindi films in the 90s.

This is a very soulful song reminds me of the legendary band Metallica. The lyrics are the best and the drops and changes in the song sounds very much like a western band. Heard this song for the first time I loved as I am a metal lover. One of the best pop punk song composed in India. Would love to see the video of this song please. Its not that famous, but it is a true Hindi hard rock song. The entire album has some great Hindi hard rock music. A Mist listen for Indian rock fans.

Playback singing, though it was introduced midway through the decade, did not completely dominate the scene; some songs continued to be sung and recorded in front of the camera. Composed by RC Boral (the ‘Father of Hindi film music'), its lyrics had been written by Nawab Wajid Ali Shah when the British exiled him from Awadh to Calcutta. The 80s saw the nadir of Hindi cinema, both in terms of stories and music.

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